There are few places on earth that combine the beauty of Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park with the inviting luxury of the Great Chinook Lodge, and the unique fishing expertise of Captains and

Fishing from Alaska`s Great Chinook Lodge is all about big fish, incredible scenery and spending your days surrounded by whales, sea lions, sea otters, eagles and sea birds of all types.

Salmon, halibut, ling cod and yellow eyed rockfish are plentiful during the long summer months of May through September. Whether slow trolling for salmon or anchoring up for Halibut, our experienced captains have the right equipment, knowledge and drive to make every trip a safe, fun, and excitingly unforgettable adventure.

On board you will learn effective techniques to hook and land fish of all sizes. It doesn't matter where your fishing adventures take you. You will develop the skills necessary to get the job done and teach those finned ingrates a lesson or two. Remember to always fish responsibly.

Whale Watching

Alaskan fishing while being surrounded by huge whales in their native habitat counts as one of life's greatest experiences. Each summer 15-20 humpback whales regularly feed in Glacier Bay National Park waters. They migrate here from their winter home in the warm waters off Hawaii and can regularly be seen from the Great Chinook Lodge fishing boats. Special regulations go into effect when large concentrations of whales are in the park.

From Our Captains:

At Great Chinook we take pride in what we do. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave rest assured we’ll strive to exceed your expectations. Your Captains who are among the most skilled fisherman in Southeast Alaska, are committed to providing you with the fishing trip of a lifetime. Our pictures speak for themselves and our guests say we’re the best. We invite you to come see for yourself!

"An unbelievable experience…the most exciting fishing adventure of my life. The Lodge was very comfortable and we enjoyed your staff with their home-made approach to making us happy. Fishing with captain John was beyond our expectations! I was amazed with his fishing knowledge and the great stories he shared with us. I learned a lot about Alaska and salmon and halibut fishing. Whales were always around us! It was worth the travel from Prague.

Thank you Great Chinook and Captain John. My fishing pictures and your stories are all over Prague now! I'll be back!"

Robert Zmelik - 1992 Olympic Champion in Decathlon. From Prague, Czech Republic. Owner of health supplement company Starlife s.r.o.

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